About the Sculptor

Hammer on Chisel is a collection of stone carvings from sculptor Andy Laffan.


The Lewisian complex or Lewisian gneiss is a suite of Precambrian metamorphic rocks that outcrop in the north-western part of Scotland, forming part of the Hebridean Terrane. These rocks are of Archaean and Paleoproterozoic age, ranging from 3.0–1.7 Ga. Rocks of the Lewisian complex were caught up in the Caledonian orogeny, appearing in the hanging walls of many of the thrust faults formed during the late stages of this tectonic event.

Andy Laffan thinks in 3 dimensions and after a career in interior design, space planning, visualisation and technology he is now developing his own artistic practice from a lifelong passion for sculpture. He is drawn by the magnificence and age of stone, it's permanence as the core material of our planet, with its fluidity of changing states through natural erosion and metamorphosis by pressure and time, and the interventions of both nature and human industrial and social development throughout history.
The long-term metamorphosis of our planet and the development of life in its infinite complexity have dominated the natural history of the earth since its creation, but now in the relative short time of modern human habitation our industrial and technological interventions are having a dramatic effect on the delicate fine balance between geology, biology and technology. From simple human usage of rock for building, to chemical separation of elements for industry, to farming and forestry of natural resources, to the manipulation of DNA etc. All to be used to fuel and build the modern world for the benefit of mankind. But at what cost?
His sculptures are carved, cut and polished, a personal intervention, some are representational and some abstract, but all expose the material and minerals in all their natural beauty, the form is generally determined from the original found object before being removed from the landscape and altered, many will be replaced or repositioned and documented with photography to be left as markers for future visitors to find and enjoy. he is interested in applying direct carving principals as used by late 19th and early 20th century sculptors to a more contemporary implementation using assemblage, found objects, technology and landscape art to explore his own sculptural ideas.


Hammer on Chisel at Cliff Studio
April - Oct 2024.
Cliff Studio Garden, Cliff, Valtos, Uig, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9HP.
Open to the public Tuesday - Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

10 July 23 - 30 Sept 2023
A Rock and an Art Place.
Cliff Studio Garden, Cliff, Valtos, Uig, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9HP.
Open to the public Tuesday - Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

1 Aug 20 - 31 Aug 2020
Lockdown Escapism
Baile na Cille, Timsgarry, Uig, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9JJ.

14 Dec 2019 - 31 Jan 2020
A Work in Progress
Baile na Cille, Timsgarry, Uig, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9JJ.

25 Nov 2019 – 2 Feb 2020.
Grinneas nan Eilean
An Lanntair, Kenneth Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, HS1 2DS.

July 2019
Scottish Arts Club

December 2018 to January 2019
The Beasts of Holm

July/Aug 2018
Iùl: art, course, learning, guidance.
An Lanntair

January 2018
OPEN 2018, SSA + VAS Together
Royal Scottish Academy

May 2013
New Sculpture
W-CA/Division of Labour
Malvern, Worcestershire

July 2009
MECA (Malvern Exhibition of Contemporary Art)
Malvern, Worcestershire
Organiser, curator and exhibitor

July/Aug 2009
The Gallery at Bevere
Sculpture in the Garden event

Dec 2008
The Pitt Gallery
Group show from W-CA members

October 2008
Hammer on Chisel Collection
Part of the Autumn in Malvern Festival
The Coach House Theatre
Malvern, Worcestershire

May 2008
The Craft and Design Experience
16th - 18th May
Henley on Thames

March 2008
The Fold Art Festival
Bransford near Malvern

February 2008
Hammer on Chisel
One man show at The Sir Barry Jackson Room
Malvern, Worcestershire

September 2006
VMA Open Studios
Stockport as part of Heritage Open Days celebrating the Mill as a Grade II listed building & celebrating its use as an Artistic Quarter.

May 2006
Spring Show
Stockport VMA

October 2005
Autumn Open Studios & Art for Peace Exhibition
Stockport VMA